AIMday Cancer 2018

AIMday Cancer is a meeting focused on bringing academic scientists, clinicians and company representatives together for discussions on new approaches and solution for early diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention of cancer.

AIMday is a unique opportunity for academic scientists and organizations to make contacts and exchange knowledge. By matching organizations need for new knowledge with academic expertise, AIMday brings understanding and new perspectives to actual problems in organizations.

Cancer is the generic term for a large group of diseases, and is the second leading cause of death in the world today. Many years of research have led to an increased understanding of the underlying disease causes and mechanisms, and this new knowledge has helped develop better cancer prevention and treatment. However, a lot remains to be done to reduce the number of deaths, advance treatment and improve quality of life for patients.

Registration for companies is open and will close on 5 October.

Registration for academic scientists will open 8 October and close on 1 November

Registration for all participants is free of charge.

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AIMday Cancer 2018


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