Bioscience seminar series

  • Date: –09:45
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  • Lecturer: Faranak Azarbayjani, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences; Research group Toxicology and drug safety
  • Organiser: Bioscience Seminar Team
  • Contact person: Anna Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Pre-clinical models for new treatments of childhood cancer

Before any medicine is authorised for use in adults, the product must have undergone extensive testing including pre-clinical tests and clinical trials to ensure that it is safe, of high quality and effective. In contrast, more than 50% of the medicines used to treat the children of Europe have not been tested and are not authorised for use in children. This is despite the fact that children can not be regarded as small adults: pharmacokinetics, efficacy and toxicity of the drugs can be different between children and adults (Boklan 2006). Consequently, a substantial proportion of pediatric Phase I trials have been conducted with limited or no prior testing of the agents in pediatric preclinical models (Kurmasheva, et al. 2005). It is therefore essential to develop reliable and predictive preclinical models for childhood cancers. Such models can facilitate evaluation of new anticancer agents in children (Houghton, et al. 2002). The aim of studies were is to develop valid childhood cancer models that are predictive of clinical activity.

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