Educational issues

Medarbetare på enheten för utbildningsstöd

Do you have any questions related to decisions on education at the undergraduate level, advanced level or doctoral level, equal conditions or the internationalisation of education in medicine and pharmacy?

How can we help you?

We work primarily by providing administrative support to committees that make decisions on issues of education, equal conditions and internationalisation. If you have any questions, you can contact the responsible administrators or the chairs of the relevant committees.

Boards and committees

What do we do at the Education support unit?

  • We provide administrative support to the committees for education at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels as well as the committee for equal opportunities.
  • We provide administrative support for the work of internationalising education.
  • We provide operational support to deputy deans, chairs, programme coordinators, programme managers and departments.
  • We participate in the planning and follow-ups of education at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.
  • We work with programme and course syllabuses as well as information about our education.
  • We provide administrative support to programmes and decision-making committees in the work with quality assurance and evaluation of education.
  • We prepare inquiries, referrals, statements, and responses to incoming letters.
  • We work with agreements with regions, hospitals and municipalities regarding on-site training (VFU).
  • We provide support in the work with operational planning, distribution of funds, financial planning, feedback, annual accounts and activity reports.
  • We collaborate and cooperate on educational issues with regions, hospitals and municipalities as well as the surrounding society.
  • We participate in steering groups and working groups.
  • We carry out investigations and projects and work with quality and method development.
Last modified: 2021-03-18