Drugging the undruggable with pulmonary delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics

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  • Föreläsare: Prof. Olivia Merkel, LMU Munich (DE)
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  • Arrangör: SweDeliver, Uppsala universitet
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SweDeliver inbjuder till föreläsning "Drugging the undruggable with pulmonary delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics" med Prof. Olivia Merkel från Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, München, Department of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy

Forskarbio  Dr. Merkel is Professor in Drug Delivery at the LMU Munich in Germany. She is also the president of the German Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (CRS) and the chair of the Transdermal and Mucosal Delivery Focus Group of CRS. She was awarded an ERC Starting Grant in 2014 to develop dry powder platform technologies for targeted pulmonary siRNA delivery to activated T cells in the lung. Recently, Dr. Merkel was awarded the PHOENIX Pharma Science Award in Pharmaceutical Technology (2020).

The long-term goal of Dr. Merkel’s research is to develop novel nucleic acid-based nanomedicines for local therapy of a range of diseases with main focus on the treatment of asthma and lung cancer. She focuses on the development of novel, targeted delivery systems based on biodegradable and amphiphilic polymers functionalized with ligands for local delivery of nucleic acids such as siRNA, mRNA or CRISPR plasmids and RNPs.

More information: https://www.cup.lmu.de/pb/aks/merkel/about/

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