Bioscience seminar

  • Datum: –09.45
  • Plats: On zoom :
  • Föreläsare: Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez, Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics group, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
  • Arrangör: The Bioseminar Team, Pharmaceutical Biosciences
  • Kontaktperson: Anna Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Effective Plate Layouts Designed Using Artificial Intelligence

Short summary: Microplates are common for many types of biological experiments and indispensable for screening applications. Variations across the geometry of microplates due to unequal distribution of humidity and temperature, as well as effects from dispensing instruments, can have large effects on the results. In this talk I will introduce a new artificial intelligence based method for designing microplate layouts. The method is based on constraint programming and it produces optimal plate layouts using a flexible set of design constraints that can be adapted for different experimental settings.  Experimental results show that the resulting microplate layouts are better for detecting and correcting plate effects, leading to more accurate and reliable experimental results.

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