Rudbeck Day 2022: When the brain no longer complies – is it dementia?

Unfortunately, the Rudbeck Day 2021 has been cancelled. Welcome next year instead, on Friday 21 October.

The 2022 Olof Rudbeck Day offers lectures by prominent researchers in dementia. We will take part in current knowledge about the brain, what happens when it no longer complies and the search for new treatments.Bild på Olof Rudbeck den äldre med texten Olof Rudbeckdagen under

Olof Rudbeck the Elder

Olof Rudbeck the Elder (1630–1702) was a multifaceted scientist, almost a universal genius, active at Uppsala University during the 17th century. As a young anatomy student, he discovered the lymphatic vessels and their significance. At that time, medical education was not yet established at the university. Olof Rudbeck, who was an enterprising person and a good representative of the ideas of the new age, contributed to the development of medical education and teaching at Uppsala University.

Olof Rudbeck was appointed Professor of Medicine with a teaching load in, among other things, anatomy. He built the Anatomical Theatre on the roof of the university (Gustavianum) to teach students and demonstrate human anatomy to the public.

Last modified: 2021-09-27